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The lead up to October 30th, 2014 was stressful…. we found out that you can only pack so much beforehand…. and the rest is a last minute rush!

We still cannot find the playstation or Darren’s shed radio… but then there are still many boxes to be opened!

The guys at Maroondah Removals  were awesome! Thanks so much guys. They packed half our stuff into a container on the Wednesday – and then the rest of it Thursday. It was a constant thing on moving day, for every box that went – I found more stuff! Some of the boxes ended up “Toilet paper, kettle, maggs’ bowls and files” very mixed. (Maybe that’s where the playstation is? Mislabeled?

moving out 1 moving out 2 Moving out 3 Moving out 4 Moving out 5

Maggs the Wonderdog suffered through those last three days – she thought we were packing up to go without her! She stuck to us like glue – no – more like a big hairy leech, without the bloodsucking.

It was all worth it though when at 1:15 we were able to start unloading at Hazel Street…

Moving in 1 moving in 2

…and despite the steps – the hill, the dirt road and the possible chipped ankle bone of the “Boss” of the removalists – the unpacking went just as smoothly as the packing.

Darren can be seen enjoying a well deserved beer on the deck.

We did find out that the house has absolutely abysmal 3G and 4G coverage – so we dash up the steps to the drive to take phone calls. The drive has excellent reception.  Wi Fi has now been activated – so we do feel a little less lost than we were without it.

Alli 1 desk 1 desk 2 Maggs 1 Maggs view veg 1 Veg 2 view 1

The veggie garden I left was huge. I have pulled out some convolvulus (flowers? seriously?) to plant mum’s tomato seedlings and a few lettuce. Veggie’s started in under a week – proud of that! But we may struggle as nowhere has full sun.

They say “Don’t do a thing to a new garden for 12 months except watch” – so I shall watch.


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